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  In May 2002, Gert & Johanna Bakker met Lakhsmi in a small rural village in Southern India.

At just 14 years old, she was about to be wed in an arranged marriage.

Her future had been determined.

She would marry, have children and continue in her family's way of life....and in their poverty.

However, Lakhsme had other ambitions.

"I like study...., I like study....." she told Johanna a number of times during this visit.

And after much talk, discussion and prayer, finally Lakhsmi's father was persuaded to allow her to go and study.

Since 1998 Gert & Johanna Bakker have made a number of trips to India.

During these visits it quickly became clear to them, that they could not solve the poverty in this country.

However, they could see an opportunity to provide children with an education.

Offer them a chance to make a difference for themselves, their family and their future generations.

The confrontation with Lakhsmi became the trigger to start up our C.H.I.L.D. Mission.

Please click on the link 'Lahksmi's story', to read and see where Lakhsmi came from, and is now, some 13 years later.