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   What a blessing!

My daughter, Jacqueline, and I went to the C.H.I.L.D. home in Brahmanakoduru, India, for two weeks in February 2013 where we were able to continue the painting that had been started by some of the other visitors to the home. We sanded and painted window frames, shutters and fly-screen door frames. And ourselves just a little, too. On the wall of the long hallway one of the other visitors had painted the ‘tree of life’ and a photo of the children with the house parents had been placed in the upper branches, which I thought was very apt. 

God gave us life, love and grace, and commanded us to care for one another. What better way than to share our time with such a lovely and deserving group of people. The children really enjoyed playing our games (such as Duck, Duck, Goose), singing and performing for us and listening to our stories (which were the fractured fairytales I used to tell Jacqueline when she was little). My daughter taught them the Macarena and they taught us some traditional Indian dance steps (or was it Bollywood).

We had a wonderful time getting to know Samson, Lalitha, the staff and, of course, the children. It wasn’t until I was packing my suitcase I realised we were actually going to have to leave and how much I would miss everyone.

My daughter said it best, “It’s not like a holiday, which is exciting but you’re always happy to be home again. Leaving India was so much harder because we’d be leaving behind the people we’d gotten to know and love.”

Monica and Jacqueline                                                                                                                                



India is an amazing place and such a culture shock. If you have seen the movie ‘Marigold Motel’, that is very much India. India brings you into another world. In a way, it’s very primitive, but very exciting.

On arrival at the gates of the C.H.I.L.D. Home we were met with happy, excited children and we were most welcomed. The children were always smiling and happy and each day we would have a small gathering of children around us. So overwhelming and you get such a great calling to be able to do Gods work in a wonderful place.

Going into town was an amazing experience. People, cars, trucks, push bikes and motor bikes all competing for the same spot and people everywhere. The shops and the markets are open every day and it’s amazing to see how Indian people live

In the C.H.I.L.D. Home I was able to paint a mural on the wall along the corridor, which was fantastic, as that was one of my requests, as well as a tree of life.

To be greeted by the children each morning was such a joy. The children get up early and tasks have to be done as they have a routine to go by. At night, we spent time with the children in helping with their homework.

I do find emotions are up & down, but very humble as to be able to do Gods work. Playing games with the children and helping wherever possible. We experienced to walk the children to school and people in the village would come out to see us.. We were asked by the headmaster to do a speech as to where we came from. It was very interesting to see how the education system works in India. After the speech at the school, 2 of the children walked us back to the Home.

Meals were very interesting and very nutritious etc. Gert and I made an Aussie barbeque  The children were explained how to work a barbeque and they loved it and enjoyed a bit of Aussie culture. I have experienced only a little what India has to offer: culture, shops, markets, people, traffic, life style, noise and smell, poverty, beggars etc, etc.

This visit will leave me with a lasting memory as every day was a wonderful experience. Gert and Johanna are a blessing to C.H.I.L.D. I loved every day and the hardest moment was to say goodbye to those wonderful and loving children and staff.

Thank you C.H.I.L.D for allowing me to have this experience. I will always be blessed and will return again soon.

Yvonne Bacon, Melbourne 


The following testimony is from Keith Kruizinga, He lives in Langwarrin, near Melbourne, Australia and is a member of the Reformed Church.
Keith, a carpenter by trade. visited our Home in January 2011, where he managed to install all the windows and their shutters in our newly build Home.

The following 2 testimonies come from Kees van Rossum, and Paul Furlong who together accompanied us on a visit to India in March 2010.

                                                                                                           Kees van Rossum
Hello Gert and Johanna,


 First of all I want to thank you for the hospitality extended to Paul and myself during our stay in Guntur. We had a very good time, were looked after like princes and our interaction with the children was priceless.

First of all I want to commend you both and Samson and Lalitha on the efficient way the house is run.

The children are well dressed, well fed and loved. The overall atmosphere in the house was joyful and there was a lot of laughter. I could not see one child that appeared unhappy.

The emphasis that was put on education as to secure a good future for the children is too a very positive aspect. It was lovely to meet up with Johanna who is about to start her third year in college studying to be a nurse.

Another aspect that impressed is the concern that the monies donated had to be spent wisely and no waste is allowed to occur. There is a real sense of accountability and responsibility how the monies are spent.

A visit to the site where the new orphanage is going to be situated was interesting. Foundations for the new building were there and I could see many possibilities for use of the land. Plenty of room for a good size vegetable garden, fruit trees and animals. Wonderful hands-on learning opportunities for the children.

I have no hesitation to encourage anyone wanting to sponsor a child to consider C.H.I.L.D. Every cent donated will go to support your child. No 15 or 20 percent of the donated money goes to administration costs.


 Thank you once more for your hospitality,


God bless you,


Cornelis van Rossum


Dear Gert & Johanna,

Following my visit to the Child Foundation Orphanage & Education,

Over the period of one week I had fabulous interaction with the children &left with a great amount of love in my heart for all of them. I admire & congratulate you onthe current set up operation that is caring for the children with a strong emphasis on educatingthem so as to provide a brighter future for them. Without this education, love & care they would be stuck in poverty with a very grim outlook on life & the future. The opportunity to perform (with yourselves)many puppet shows with a clear message of the gospel in many schools & churches was very rewarding& I'm sure made a dent in the devils kingdom by sharing the love & power of God which resulted in manyindicating they wished to receive the Lord Jesus Christ & follow Him. Praise The Lord!!

The dedication & solid commitment of Samson & Lalitha & sacrificial giving of their time, home & energyis clearly seen & is to be commended, along with the both of you....I can see you live for the input, love & care into each child's life. The response & hunger for personal attention & love is clearly seen in all the children & I'm amazed & overwhelmed with the effect that a hug & an "I love you" is received & embraced.

"without love we are just a load sounding cymbal".


The new property & building project is extremely exciting & will place you in a position that has the potential to achieve results that will impact the lives of many children& create an environment that will enable you to do this more effectively & securely. I have, for many yearsdesired to have involvement in an orphanage & have sponsored numerous children with another organisation,

however to see first hand the great work that is being done at the Child Foundation, with every cent going directlyto the centre & the accountability of every cent is very clearly seen & administrated. Keep up the great work& I encourage every person to get involved in what way able, but also in sponsoring & supporting this ministry.

Thank you also for the warm hospitality I received while staying with you.

 I was particularly excited & touched with the afternoon meeting where we witnessed undoubtedly a powerful move of God with most children (if not all) receiving the Lord Jesus Christ into their hearts & indicating they desire to follow & serve Him......what followed was a very heart touching & I pray life changing experience for all the children & indeed all those present. I would love to see this followed up specifically on an ongoing basiswith a more personal time to input God's word & love (teaching) & to facilitate the ongoing move of experiencing the closeness & tangible presence of God on each child's life. Maybe I could do a weekly/monthly video to address this have input on this level with the children?? (just a thought). I would love to return & visit at least once a year!

The care in practical areas is not lacking in any way with Samson & Lalitha, however (I also know it's a cultural thing)

I would love to see more expressions & love & touch that I believe every child needs...I see this very clearly with two of you!


In Christ & love

Your servant

Paul Furlong