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Child foundationChild foundation

How it started

After years of sponsoring a number of children through a Christian organisation,

our founders Gert & Johanna Bakker found a way to realise their desire

to really help the needy and poor children.  

By providing children with an education, which allows them to make a difference,

not only for themselves and their families but also for future generations.

Both born in Holland, married in 1970 and blessed with 3 children.

Gert has always worked in the photographic industry,

while Johanna was and is the mother at home for the children.

They very quickly became involved with foster care.

In 1980 they migrated to Melbourne, Australia and continued their involvement with foster care.

In 1995 they moved to Central Australia, Alice Springs,

where they both embarked on a new venture of running and owning 2 Photo shops and studio.

It was during this time in Alice Springs, that they made their first trip to India.

This to simply look up their sponsored children in that country.

It proved to be a trip, that triggered a lot of emotions.

Not only to meet 'their' 3 sponsor children, but to also discover the huge need and poverty among the people.

It became very clear to them, that children, in particular in the rural parts had little or no opportunity to enjoy an education.