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Building Project


 In 2005 we were able to purchase approx. 4 acres of land, some 25 Km. from Guntur. A rural agricultural part in the Andhra Pradesh province, surrounded by rice fields and small poor villages.

 In 2006 we applied for assistance in a building design and were accepted by eMi (Engineering Ministries International).

This Christian US based charity assists with building projects like schools and churches throughout developing and 3rd. world countries. In November 2006 EMI came to our Home in Guntur, with a team of 7 building professionals (2 architects, 2 engineers, 2 land surveyers and a team leader) who all gave freely of their time and expertise.

During their 8 day stay, they did all what is necessary to prepare a building plan, incl. soil samples, site measurements, numerous discussions with us, the Indian Board members and local authorities.



 The end result was a comprehensive plan, of which a few images can be seen below.